Gum Arabic Project

Gum Arabic is trade name for a natural forest product of the genus acacia and mainly obtained from acacia seyal known as (HASHAB / Kordofan) and Acacia Seyal known as TALHA.
The name “GUM ARABIC” was derived from the fact that the product shipped to Europe from Arabian ports in the olds days.
The species has a wide distribution and a remarkable adaptability it is essentially a semi-arid zone species, but is so adaptable that it is not only drought-resistant but also forest-hardly.
It can regenerate naturally from seed or vegetative from coppices.
The main area of its occurrence is the central parts of the Sudan where species uniformly found in pure stands giving Sudan the advantage of being the biggest produces and exporter of the best quality of gum Arabic, supplying 60% of the annual global requirements.

Historical Background:
Gum Arabic was long established in the worlds markets known in an article of commerce since the year 4000 B.C and widely used un Egypt during the Pharaoh’s civilization in preparation of ink, water, colors and dyes

Gum belt: More than trade
As a result of possessing pure stands of acacia Senegal and the consequent ease of collection, Sudan remains the dominant producer of gum.
The Alhadhood for General Trading Company (LLC) is aware that Gum Arabic is natural wealth needs to be conserved, maintained and developed not only for provision of a sustained yield of gum but Furthermore for its imperative environmental, socioeconomic and developmental impact Alhadhood for General Trading Company (LLC) to

  • Poverty eradication
  • Sustainable production system
  • Environmental conservation
  • Improvement of social – economical and cultural indigenous knowledge 
  • Eco-diversity

Properies and uses of Gum Arabic:
Gum Arabic is dried gummy exudation obtained from stems and branches of acacia Senegal tree.

The Gum occurs as white to yellowish white spheroidal nodules and tears of varying size. It is tasteless, odorless and dissolves instantly in hot or cold water.
Gum solution of up to 50% by weight (of Gum) can be prepared in addition, it is non-toxic no-calorific, non-polluting and does not affect the falvor, odour or color of soluation into it is added.
Solution of Gum Arabic are viscous. The viscosity increases slowly up to 25% concentration, above which the viscosity increases much more rapidly in proportion to gum content.
Gum Arabic consist chiefly of calcium, potassium salts, and low protein content. Due to this unique combination of properties and charactetisitics, this natural organic product has found a wide and expanding range of function in modern industries such as :

1. Food Stuff:

  • Foam stabilizer
  • Stabilzer and bakery glazes and icings
  • Base for drops
  • Emulsifier and fixative for flavour oils

2. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry:

  • Suspending agent of pharmaceutical syrups
  • Excipient in pills and tablets
  • Binder in face powders and rouges

3. Other industrical applications:

  • Sensitizer for lithographic plates
  • Bodying and film forming agent in pastes and glues
  • Glaze blinder in ceramics
  • Emulsifier for insecticides

Grades of Gum Arabic:

GAC has internationally recognized brands:

  • Hashab Gum handpicked selected (HAC-HPS)
  • Hashab Gum cleaned (GAC-CD)
  • Hashab Gum kibbled (GAC-KD)
  • Hashab Gum mechanical powder (GAC-GP)
  • Talha Gum (GAC-TG)