Benefits of Gum Arabic


Gum Arabic is an edible, dried, gummy exudates from the stems and branches two species of acacia trees / Acacia Senegal & Acacia Seyal that is rich in non-viscous soluble fiber.

It is a brittle, odorless and generally tasteless material that contains a number of neutral sugars, acids, calcium and other electrolytes. Considered the oldest and best known of the gums, Acacia Gum can be traced back to about 2650 BC. The trees grow mainly in the sub-Sahara or Sahel zone of Africa, namely in west of Sudan. Since it is made up of a number of nutrients, nomadic tribes often used gum arabic as a food supplement in desert areas where the availability of nutritious fruits and vegetable was a rarity.

thus, it has a prebiotic effect in the gut, which will significantly increase Bifidobacterial & Lactobacilli after four weeks of consumption. Acacia ferments very slowly in the gut, and due to its polymeric nature, it will not disturb osmotic pressure, hence it has good gastrointestinal tolerance up to 50 grams per day without any side effects. Acacia Gum is considered to be a richest source of Natural Prebiotic. The major fraction is a highly-branched polysaccharide consisting of galactose backbone with linked branches of arabinose and rhinos, which terminate in glucuronic acid found in nature as magnesium, potassium and calcium salt.

Benefits of Gum Arabic for Kidneys
Gum Arabic helps patients with renal failure, atrophy and renal insufficiency as it helps to increase the concentration of protein digestion.
The use of Gum Arabic which is rich with fiber within food increases the disposal of symptoms of kidney failure throughout cleavage and stool. All you have to do is to add about 50 grams a day of Gum Arabic dissolved in foods to get rid, almost permanently, of chronic kidney disease.

You can assure this process by medical analysis and assays since it helps to reduce the amount of urine in the blood and eliminate in the stool.

Benefits of Gum Arabic for Diabetes
The daily consume of Gum Arabic dissolved in water reduces the high sugar level in blood.It is also reducing the body’s absorption of sugar stored in foods, starches, industrial sugar, fat, etc., which increases the enzymes digesting fats and sugar in blood.

Benefits of Gum Arabic for Weight Loss
Gum Arabic is very rich in soluble dietary fiber. Several epidemiological studies suggest that a high intake of dietary fiber is associated with beneficial effects on fat metabolism. Dietary fiber promotes satiation and satiety, alter glycemic index, affects gastric emptying, gut hormone secretion and thus helps to manage weight. Gum arabic promotes weight loss by two different mechanisms. It reduces appetite, and thus food intake, and at the same time increases energy expenditure.
Inaddition, a study has shown that Gum Arabic inhibits intestinal glucose absorption via interaction with membrane abundance of SGLT1 in mice. Gum arabic significantly blunted the increase in body weight, fasting plasma glucose and fasting insulin concentrations during high fat diet. consistently adding Gum Arabic to your diet, you’ll benefit from less food intake as Gum Arabic can provide you with a sense of fullness.

Benefits of Gum Arabic for Kidney Failure
Gum Arabic increases the degree of concentration of the outputs of the process of digestion of proteins and to maintain a focus outputs food recipes are the same protein concentration a little. And the use of fiber lunch with a few of the concentration of protein over the disposal of the products retained in the case of renal failure (break through feces).
also it can help slow down progression of kidney damage by inhibiting inflammations and oxidative stress. In addition, Gum Arabic can reduce urea through utilizing the bowel as a “substitute kidney”, increasing blood urea nitrogen (BUN) excretion in stools.

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, the work of an extensive study on gum arabic, as well as clinical study on the kidneys and proved that the gum arabic reduce kidney problems and that there is a large percentage of healing have been published that study, and as long as you happy with the results KEEP and glue does not have collateral damage feared by man and God bless.

Benefits of Gum Arabic for Colon:
Gum arabic (Acacia gum) is very rich in soluble fiber. The role of fiber for regular cleansing is well known to all. Not only does fiber regulate and normalize bowel function, it works as a waste magnet in the bowel and assists in eliminating toxic substances. However, to get the most detoxification benefit from any kind of fiber such as Gum arabic (Acacia gum), be sure to drink plenty of filtered water every day, at least 2-3 litres.

Firstly, Gum arabic (Acacia gum) fiber is of plant origin, 100% natural, which is very beneficial to provide roughage and smooth bowel movements of the intestines. The effectiveness of Gum arabic (Acacia gum) is felt more when it relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in a natural way. For this reason, Gum arabic (Acacia gum) can enhance the colon cleanse process in the body. The detox is completed with a colon cleanse that eliminates all the toxins from the body.

Secondly, Gum arabic (Acacia gum) nourishes good bacteria in the gut system, the so-called Probiotics. Gum arabic (Acacia gum), which is rich in natural prebiotics, becomes the food for Probiotics. The large family of probiotics acts in powerful yet gentle ways to build protective colonies of healthy intestinal bacteria. This proliferation of healthy gut flora literally overwhelms the toxins and unfriendly bacteria to which we are frequently exposed

Benefits of Gum Arabic for Immune System.
Although the word gut sounds like a slang word, it actually is another word for intestines, or intestinal tracts, while the entire digestive system starts at the mouth and ends at the anus, the intestinal tract starts right below the stomach with the upper small intestine and goes to the large intestine also known as colon. What happens in our intestines has major consequences to our overall health. Perhaps the most important variable that determines ones gut health is the micro flora or gut flora. This is the bacterial that resides in the gut & it comes in both good, i.e. beneficial bacteria and in bad, i.e. harmful bacteria. The types of bacterial in our gut are diverse and number in the hundreds of trillions. It is important to understand that we need to keep the beneficial bacteria or else we get any numbers of digestive disorders and disease. Moreover, we must ensure that our beneficial bacteria are in healthy state (well fed with prebiotics) to provide the highest level of defense against the bacteria that may normally bring illness. What scientists are learning more and more is how Probiotics and Prebiotics can affect our gut health. To get the benefit of good bacteria we need to feed it with prebiotic substances so that it can grow and multiply, there for maximizing our gut health and overall immune system.

Gum Arabic is primarily indigestible to both humans and animals. It is not degraded in the small intestine, but fermented in the large intestine by microorganisms to short-chain fatty acids, particularly propionic acid. Despite the fact that GA is widely used as a vehicle for drugs in experimental physiological and pharmacological experiments and is assumed to be an “inert” substance, some recent reports have claimed that GA possesses antioxidant, nephroprotection and other effects

Gum Arabic is composed primarily of highly branched galantine polymers with side chains of galactose and/or arabinose, ending eventually in residues of rhinos or glucuronic acid. The human digestive system does not secrete nor create enzymes capable of hydrolyzing this polysaccharide. Therefore, gum Arabic travels through the stomach and small intestine without getting digested and only when in the large intestine does it undergo fermentation induced by surrounding bacteria. Gum Arabic is completely fermented because no detectable amounts are excreted with the faces. It is broken down and excreted as gas during respiration or absorbed by the mucus layer in the form of short fatty acids

Benefits of Gum Arabic in Controlling blood sugar
Studies reported that fiber has important role in the management of blood glucose. As part of food, fiber is not digested and it doesn’t require insulin to break it down. This may explain why eating a lot of fiber will not increase your blood sugar level.

Benefits of Gum Arabic in Lowering cholesterol level
Fiber in Arabic gum is effective in lowering cholesterol level. The soluble fiber will attach and bind the cholestero
l so it won’t be absorbed by intestine. Later the cholesterol will be brought out of the body through excretion system.

Gum Arabic Protect liver
Fiber contained in Arabic gum has hepatoprotection effect that may help protect liver by prevent lipid or fat cell attach to the liver. Study also reported that Arabic gum is considered used in treatment of chronic liver disease since it can improve the func
tion of Kupffer cells and help liver to detoxify body.