About us

About the Company

Alhadhood for General Trading Company (LLC) was established in 2016 / commercial registration number (1259871).
As a group of companies, we have established a distinctive commercial triangle after our success in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Hulol Hala foundation) and in the Republic of Sudan (Alhadhood Project for Agricultural and Animal Production), and now in the United Arab Emirates (Alhadhood for General Trading Company).

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is fundamentally based on the remarkable, distinguished and aspirational economic situation in the region.

On account of KSA and UAE constant and rapid economic growth, as well as being point of attraction for global businesses for many reasons, e.g. their important airports/seaports and their transparency in following the global standards/regulations, just to name a few.
As well as on account of the Republic of Sudan being globally known for its animal and agricultural wealth, also for being the second biggest producer of high quality and sustainable Acacia Gum.